This Week at St Nicholas...

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Community Nights - Wednesdays                         

We will be offering a St Nick's Community Night every Wednesday evening between 6.30 and 8.30pm. In the church.

24th May Ogemdi Anika: Rubbish, Energy and Faith

31st May Bring and Share

We are looking for ideas for our Community Nights. Do you have any ideas for what you would like to do at our community nights? Is there anything you would like to teach people or an activity you would like to lead? We have had the pleasure of hosting multiple different organisations and speakers at St Nicks, so if you are an organisation or charity who has an interest in speaking to our community here please also get in touch!

Please email Manuela for more info at

A Nice Connection with International Students             

Last week we got a nice message through our website from a homeschooling tutor, whose student had been doing some research around inclusivity and came across our website. The student really enjoyed learning about St Nick's as an inclusive church and they in turn wanted to share with us a link about LGBTIA friendly school and campus communities. So here you go!

Click here for information about LGBTQIA+ friendly Schools and Campus Communities

Queer Theology            

It is good and important to encounter good and affirming Queer Theology and recently Walter Brueggemann, one of the world's most renowned biblical scholars, has written a great article that some of you might find interesting. Here is the link: Walter Brueggemann: How to read the Bible on homosexuality - Outreach

Also, if ever you have any theological questions around sexuality and identity this is a could page to look for some answers: Bible and Homosexuality | Bible and Homosexuality

Intercultural Worshipping Communities Partnering Church            

As St Nicholas Church we are a partnering Church of Leicester diocese's Intercultural Worshipping Communities (IWC). IWC are communities around our diocese that are very consciously working out how to be radically inclusive and welcoming communities in relation to people from a variety of cultural backgrounds. As a partnering church we are invited to learn from their experiences and committed to find ways of being more welcoming and inclusive of different cultures ourselves. This means we are invited to participate in Partnering Church Meetings about 3-4 times a year with a few representatives of our congregation and whenever we have ideas, projects we would like to undertake as St Nick's in this area. Please speak to our Curate Manuela, if you'd like to know more!

St Nicholas at Leicester Pride 2022            

Pride was a massive success! Thank you to everyone who helped across the weekend's events; at the march, the stall and for the rainbow eucharist on sunday!

Freddie writes:

Pride was emotional. We were there, queer and Christian, and no one was going to stop us. Our banner, with its fantastic bright colours and silhouette of our St Nicks, waving in the midst of things, showing everyone that Gods love is for them too, for everyone. We ran out of badges unbelievably fast, but it meant there were hundreds of people wearing little St Nicks badges, “old and gay”, “ancient and inclusive”, “holy”. The cupcakes were a hit as well! Love was poured into every stitch on the banner, every cupcake. We invited lots of people to the Rainbow Eucharist, and many turned up and it was fantastic to see. Pride was amazing, and I can’t wait for next year!

Nomad Podcast              

As some of you might be aware, Karen and Jay were recently on Joy's podcast "Nomad", talking about the "Gayest Church in the City". Have a listen!

Karen Rooms and Jay Hulme - The Gayest Church in the City - (


Free to Fly - Celebrating great work from Rosemary!

Rosemary Ngozi Ogwuike from our community had a stall representing a Free To Fly at the Refugees  Week event on Jubilee Square last Saturday 18 June. Free to Fly is a charity supporting LGBTQ+ refugees. 

Leicester Cathedral at St Nicholas...                              

You may have picked up in the local news that the Cathedral building is closing on 2nd January in the new year for 18+months for major refurbishment and the addition of a new visitor centre. The main 10.30am Sunday Eucharist will continue as normal but take place next door to the Cathedral in the Grand Hall of St Martin's House.

On Sunday afternoons the Choir and congregation have accepted invitations from parishes across the Diocese to join them in Choral Evensong and other special services. Here at St Nicholas we are offering the hospitality of our building for the Cathedral's daily midweek services, all of which are public acts of worship open to all.

Cathedral Services being held at St Nicholas are as follows:

Monday             8.15 Eucharist (Live Streamed to Cathedral Facebook)
Monday             17:30 Choral Evensong

Tuesday            8:30 Morning Prayer (Live streamed to Cathedral Facebook)
Tuesday            13.00 Eucharist (Live Streamed to Cathedral Facebook)
Tuesday            17.30 Choral Evensong

Wednesday     8.30 Morning Prayer (Live streamed to Cathedral Facebook)
Wednesday     17:30 Evening Prayer

Thursday          8.30 Morning Prayer (Live Streamed to Cathedral Facebook)
Thursday          13.00 Eucharist (Live Streamed to Cathedral Facebook)
Thursday          17.30 Evening Prayer

Friday                8.30 Morning Prayer (Live Streamed to Cathedral Facebook)
Friday                17.30 Evening Prayer

please head over to for more information.

Ornithologist in Residence...        

 Dr Alexander Bond is our Ornithologist in Residence

If you want to know a bit more about the research of the Adrift Lab (Alex's research group at the Natural History Museum and University of Tasmania), and how Alex weaves it in with his queer identity, you can watch a talk from last winter for Scientific Queeries over on this website.

You can visit Alex’s website, and follow him on Twitter @TheLabAndField

Giving Regularly to St Nicholas                  

Firstly, THANK YOU to everyone for your generosity already!

We work hard to be faithful to our particular calling and vocation to steward our Ancient Building; exercise a Living Faith, and be an Inclusive Community and we feel really blessed by all God is doing among us and in us. St Nicholas is funded by the generosity of our church community - through regular giving and occasional fundraising online. Our clergy are the main - but not only - way the Cathedral support us. 

If you are a member of St Nicholas and would like to give regularly you can do so through the Parish Giving Scheme by Direct Debit.
You always have full control over the amount you donate and they also take care of Gift Aid for you and the church.
You can find out more at sign up online -St Nicholas Leicester ref 190619042

You can also collect an information pack at St Nick's.

Thank you for all you contribute to our common life!

Supporting Ministry at St Nicholas...

If you like what we do and stand for, and would like to support our ministry and common life here at St Nicholas please consider giving to our work.  This can be done HERE. through our Give A Little online giving portal which can also be accessed via the DONATE button on the top menu of our website.  

You can set up a regular donation or make single donations and it is easy to Gift Aid it as well, if you are a UK tax payer. All donations are gratefully and prayerfully received.


Covid restrictions have now been lifted but we encourage you to do what you need to to feel safe in our space. Sanitiser is still readily available. We want to be 'safe enough'; to respect those who are feeling most anxious and wary, and live by the principle in 1 Cor 10:23 'Everything is permitted, but everything isn’t beneficial. Everything is permitted, but everything doesn’t build others up.' If you have any concerns relating to Covid please do not hesistate to talk to a member of clergy or a member of St Nick's leadership. The common cup has been reintroduced though if you would prefer to receive only in one kind, that is more than okay! To recieve the weekly newsletter please get in contact and ask to be signed up to the mailing list. You can also stay up to date via our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages.